Around Westhumble


On New Year's Day 2007, Mum and I walked a route we've taken several times before, a circular walk from the village of Westhumble near Box Hill.

The walk

The door of a small chapel near the station.
1/90 at f4.5, 21mm, ISO200

The walk took us uphill (past the Druids' Grove which we have still never actually been to, because it's quite a way off the route), through woods, metalled tracks in which we had to wade through deep puddles, and parkland to eventually reach the National Trust property of Polesden Lacey.

Fields near Polesden Lacey.
1/60 at f13, 22mm, ISO100
Looking across the drive to part of the grounds.
1/250 at f11, 22mm, ISO100
Pedestrian entrance through the gatehouse.
1/90 at f11, 22mm, ISO100

After that we continued past more parkland until we reached an old road, now just a tree-lined track almost covered by the canopy.

Aforesaid parkland.
1/90 at f11, 22mm, ISO100
We sat here (there's a convenient bench) to eat our lunch. It's a beautiful place, but also exposed and horrifically windy. The row of trees along the bottom marks the track I mentioned.
1/125 at f11, 22mm, ISO100
Another field, from the track. (Picture is straight. Field wasn't.)
1/90 at f8, 22mm, ISO100
Cut logs beside the track.
1/30 at f4.5, 22mm, ISO200

The route then took us down through Forestry Commission woods on a very muddy track, emerging to run along the mid-height of a ridge; presumably part of the North Downs, since the North Downs way runs higher up.

Roots and ground beside the path.
1/90 at f4, 15mm, ISO200

Climbing through woods, we crossed a main road and, walking along a smaller one, reached an impressive church. (It was built by some flash architect, but I forget who.)

The roof, presumably rebuilt recently.
1/1 at f4, 17mm, ISO800
This was taken handheld at 1/6, so I'm pretty pleased it came out.
1/6 at f4, 16mm, ISO800
Well, yeah, it's a church.
1/20 at f4, 13mm, ISO800

The rest of the walk then goes around a huge vineyard and eventually heads back to the station (slightly more eventually if you go the wrong way at one point, which we did).

Interesting remnants on the station footbridge.
1/30 at f4.5, 22mm, ISO400

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