Staines (end 2014)


My parents and I went for a short walk around Staines on the afternoon of New Year’s Eve.


We started by walking along the Thames to Penton Hook Lock.

Landing stage.
1/30 at f8, 23mm, ISO200 51°25′2″N 0°30′24″W

At the lock, we crossed to the island and walked around it.

Penton Hook Island fence and tree.
1/30 at f2.8, 23mm, ISO200 51°24′46″N 0°30′5″W
Dutch barge seen from the island.
1/60 at f8, 23mm, ISO200 51°24′45″N 0°30′3″W
Branch in side weir.
1/125 at f4, 23mm, ISO200 51°24′49″N 0°30′2″W
Welcoming gate to bridge across main weir.
1/60 at f2.8, 23mm, ISO200 51°24′49″N 0°30′5″W

Off the island, we continued along the river to Laleham.

Because of course you have a polar bear for a Christmas decoration.
1/60 at f8, 23mm, ISO200 51°24′51″N 0°29′49″W
Laleham Boatyard (which is easy to get to from Laleham, but only if you have a boat).
1/40 at f5.6, 23mm, ISO200 51°24′33″N 0°29′32″W


We walked through Laleham and along the road out of it.

Wall in churchyard.
1/15 at f2.8, 23mm, ISO400 51°24′32″N 0°29′22″W
Nice shack.
1/60 at f2.8, 23mm, ISO400 51°24′39″N 0°29′8″W
1/60 at f4, 23mm, ISO400 51°24′41″N 0°29′6″W
Intake channel running to Queen Mary Reservoir.
1/8 at f5.6, 23mm, ISO400 51°24′52″N 0°29′3″W

A footpath (which I don’t remember using before) led us eventually past the back of Matthew Arnold School - that’s the secondary school I attended, and some parts of it still looked a bit familiar - as the daylight faded. We continued to Kingston Road and back home.

Fences. (A touch blurred, sorry.)
1/15 at f2.8, 23mm, ISO400 51°24′54″N 0°29′4″W

All images © Samuel Marshall. All rights reserved.