Petts Wood to Hayes


We walked the next section of the London LOOP, from Petts Wood to Hayes. It took me a few weeks to get around to uploading these pictures, so I don't remember it in detail, but will just put up the pictures (in order, at least).

A beautiful woodland area, coated with bluebells. I believe this was an ancient woodland site (meaning it's been continuously wooded since gods know when).
1/250 at f2.8, 5mm
Well, don't they? (From a residential area just after we left the woods.)
1/320 at f2.8, 5mm
Where we sat to eat our lunch. The woman walking her dog stopped to talk to us about how much she liked the view.
1/160 at f9, 7mm
A skip hire advert.
1/500 at f4.5, 13mm
Well-kept but otherwise unspectacular little church. Also, because it's in Greater London and hence subject to thugs, the church was only open due to two parishioners on guard in there! Which made me a little uncomfortable.
1/10 at f4.8, 16mm
Some 'country park' in the grounds of an old house, which no longer exists - but this underground icehouse remains.
1/1 at f2.8, 5mm
View from a hill. Apparently William Wilberforce (anti-slavery campaigner) sat here having discussions with somebody or other.
1/320 at f14, 16mm
And here's where they sat... okay, it isn't, it's a commemorative seat to mark the spot where they sat. Ho hum. It's also behind a very tall steel fence so you can't get in.
1/250 at f8, 5mm
This spring is supposed to have life-giving properties of one sort or another, but the leaflet advised us not to drink from it.
1/50 at f2.8, 5mm
A chunk of ex-tree. Oh, the excitement!
1/200 at f2.8, 5mm

If you're interested, dad's pictures of the same thing begin here. He's got a few silly pics of me.

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