Norfolk holiday 1


I went on a group holiday with my parents and a bunch of other people. We stayed in a youth hostel in Sheringham in North Norfolk.


Sheringham is a British seaside town complete with fish-and-chip shops, amusement arcades, and rain. (These pictures were taken on the day we arrived.)

My mother enjoying the balmy English sunshine.
1/60 at f5.6, 30mm, ISO200
A wind shelter on the cliff (might be more effective had fewer windows been smashed).
1/90 at f8, 30mm, ISO200
Coloured beach huts and coloured lights on the promenade.
1/4 at f1.4, 30mm, ISO400


There are a gazillion places called Wells in the UK (plus one rather larger one called Wales), but this one was actually quaintly called 'Wells next the Sea'. How sweet. This was on the first full day of the holiday.

The church had a nice chest.
1/30 at f1.4, 30mm, ISO800

After drinking hot chocolate in a tearoom while waiting for a downpour to end, we went out along the long harbour wall (about half a mile) to the beach around the end of it.

A boat moored in Wells Harbour.
1/350 at f4.5, 30mm, ISO100
A fence on the beach.
1/180 at f5.6, 30mm, ISO100
1/125 at f11, 30mm, ISO200
A bizarre bunker - in between many, many beach huts that were individually made and rather more impressive than Sheringham's. And actually on the beach.
1/750 at f5.6, 30mm, ISO200
Really cool sandbank that becomes an island at high tide.
1/350 at f11, 30mm, ISO200
Public toilets in a strip of woodland behind the beach. Almost every brick had a different name on it.
1/350 at f2.8, 30mm, ISO200


After the delights of Wells, we struck out eastward along the coast path, which is a waymarked route. It doesn't actually go along the coast here; there are wide tidal marshes between the path and the sea.

Yay, mud.
1/180 at f9.5, 30mm, ISO200
Toxic waste.
1/250 at f6.7, 30mm, ISO200
A road leading to the horizon (probably not a good route at high tide).
1/125 at f9.5, 30mm, ISO100
Mmm! Smells sewage-fresh! (Okay, actually it didn't smell of anything from there - still, cool pipe.)
1/500 at f8, 30mm, ISO200

Somewhere else

OK, I can't actually remember the name of the place we reached in the end and where we waited for a bus. It had a church though with a few interesting features.

Now that's better than those poncy chandeliers.
1/60 at f1.4, 30mm, ISO200
1/250 at f1.4, 30mm, ISO100

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