Maidenhead to, uh, somewhere


For our second walk of the Christmas/New Year holiday, we continued on the Thames Path from Maidenhead upstream.


First, of course, we had to walk from the station to the river. Maidenhead's in Berkshire, so you would expect it to be all Waitrose up in there. In fact, it's a hole. I didn't even photograph all the boarded-up or disused or generally scummy buildings we passed. Of course, I grabbed a few...

An entire row of boarded-up townhouses. ('There's rats in there', a passer-by told me helpfully.)
1/20 at f8, 10mm, ISO200
A boarded up office building.
1/30 at f5.6, 22mm, ISO200
Scum floating on the river.
1/125 at f5.6, 60mm, ISO200

The river

Once you get onto the river and a little way from the town, it becomes exactly how I had initially expected - huge multimillion-pound riverfront houses, threatening signs on the lawns. (Seriously: one of them claimed to have 'laser security'. I chucked a stick onto their garden, but sadly it didn't get burnt to a crisp, or in fact at all.)

The weir stream for a lock near Maidenhead.
1/125 at f5.6, 60mm, ISO200
Roof of a private bridge from the lock-keeper's house (now a pub... boarded up... yep, we weren't that far from Maidenhead) to the island, which is open as a public park or somesuch.
1/250 at f5.6, 60mm, ISO200
The bridge again.
1/45 at f4, 60mm, ISO200
Another island further along, as mist settled in.
1/90 at f5.6, 60mm, ISO200
Crazy tree in the National Trust property opposite.
1/90 at f4, 60mm, ISO200


We stopped to eat lunch in the churchyard of a twee village.

It is provided with the standard angel supply.
1/125 at f5.6, 22mm, ISO200
Large candles inside the church... lit by sunlight.
33434 (0x829a: Exposure Time): 3/10 (0.3) (1 Rational)s at f4.5, 22mm, ISO1600
Base of a (modern) altar table.
1/4 at f4.5, 22mm, ISO800
Roof of the church's Nativity scene.
1/6 at f4.5, 20mm, ISO800
Ventilator plate in the church wall.
1/30 at f4.5, 22mm, ISO200

Back to the river

Our detour through Cookham was required because development (not recent, just more enormous houses) had blocked the old towpath. We were soon back to the river, continuing through common land until we reached a railway bridge carrying the branch line that we'd use to return. The bridge had a footway, which we used to switch riverbank.

Paint atop a column on the bridge.
1/250 at f2.8, 60mm, ISO200


Our journey ended in Marlow, an old town with an impressive church (not open) and bridge (fixed in place).

The church.
1/125 at f2.8, 60mm, ISO200
Face by church doorway (interesting expression).
1/90 at f2.8, 60mm, ISO800
Part of the suspension bridge's support links.
1/45 at f4, 18mm, ISO200
Looking through the bridge's archway toward the town and church.
1/45 at f6.7, 22mm, ISO200

Marlow is pretty much everything Maidenhead isn't, although it did lower itself to a Sainsbury's Local where we selected some provisions on our way home (and I shocked my mum by picking a carton of organic orange juice that cost about ten times what she normally pays). The end!

All images © Samuel Marshall. All rights reserved.