Holiday 2010: Cumbria (part 1)


I went on holiday to Cumbria, in a slightly less pretty bit just north of the Lake District. This was another group holiday with people from Ashram Community.

Day one: travelling and arrival

On starting my journey, I had a minor setback when the ticket machine which sells tickets to 'every UK railway station' hadn't heard of Wigton. To be fair, nor had I, but I'd looked it up quite carefully so I was pretty convinced there was a station there. I queued up to speak to a person instead and that worked.

My journey went via Crewe, where I had a bit of a wait so I took a few pictures.

Crewe station brickwork.
1/45 at f8, 21mm, ISO200 53°5′20″N 2°25′59″W
Crewe station roof and its greenery.
1/250 at f8, 16mm, ISO200 53°5′18″N 2°25′58″W

After that the Glasgow train was really crowded - I managed to get a seat, but only just. Nobody actually wanted to go to Glasgow; the train practically emptied at 'Oxenholme the Lake District' (yes, that's what the station is actually called).

I had to change again at Carlisle; I met my parents there and we found the rather smaller train on the branch line. Apparently, the line that goes to Wigton only survived the Beeching cuts because it's the rail access to Sellafield nuclear power station / reprocessing plant (famed for its radioactive seagull shit).

We arrived in Wigton; the place we were staying was three miles out and we had luggage, so we got a taxi from a taxi company that didn't know where we were going either (bit of a pattern emerging). Luckily, we'd brought maps.

Porch of the house.
1/45 at f8, 10mm, ISO200 54°47′29″N 3°13′30″W

That's the house, which we weren't staying in :) We were staying in the stables. Well, okay, not really - it's a Christian holiday centre but it's not quite as biblical as all that; they'd been converted. (Another group was staying in the house.)

Summerhouse in a pond.
1/20 at f4, 10mm, ISO400 54°47′32″N 3°13′31″W
Part of the original kitchen range in entryway to stables building. (Bananas and sign are probably newer additions.)
1/6 at f4, 12mm, ISO400

Day two: Silloth

We got a lift to the holiday resort of Silloth, which, again, I'd never heard of. It's an ex-holiday-resort really, but there's still an amusement arcade; that kind of place. Used to be where people from Carlisle went on holiday. Actually, it's quite high class; in particular the streets are very wide and still cobbled, which is a pretty effective traffic-calming method.

Steps down to the sea.
1/750 at f8, 250mm, ISO200 54°52′12″N 3°23′38″W

The railway company originally promoted it as a resort because they weren't getting enough rail traffic to the docks they'd built. There are two docks: an outer dock, and an inner dock which they built after the gate on the outer dock collapsed (rather than repair the gate). I have to say the disposable dock is a new concept on me, but it seems to be doing okay for them; although the dock wasn't exactly bustling there appear to be several working businesses around it, including the original flour mill.

Concrete around entrance to outer dock.
1/180 at f8, 10mm, ISO200 54°52′9″N 3°23′50″W
Looking into that outer dock.
1/1500 at f8, 10mm, ISO200 54°52′9″N 3°23′50″W
Part of flour mill.
1/500 at f8, 163mm, ISO200 54°52′10″N 3°23′46″W
Three floodlights and the sea.
1/2000 at f8, 109mm, ISO200 54°52′10″N 3°23′46″W
Flour mill (original building) from road.
1/180 at f8, 90mm, ISO200 54°52′9″N 3°23′32″W
Other industry (molasses and something else) around the dock.
1/1000 at f8, 10mm, ISO200 54°52′3″N 3°23′24″W
Nice rusty tanks...
1/750 at f8, 79mm, ISO200 54°52′2″N 3°23′23″W
And a clean shiny one!
1/3000 at f8, 135mm, ISO200 54°52′1″N 3°23′24″W
I think you can drive a lorry in here and unload stuff into it? Something like that.
1/500 at f8, 208mm, ISO200 54°51′59″N 3°23′29″W
Um, why is anyone bothering to shoot up the docks? Nice sign though. (Letraset or just stencilled? Not sure why the letters seem to be holding the white paint together.)
1/2000 at f8, 109mm, ISO200 54°52′1″N 3°23′39″W
Shadows on, eh, a power unit or something? Can't remember.
1/1000 at f8, 55mm, ISO200 54°52′2″N 3°23′42″W
Shadow on edge of flour mill.
1/750 at f8, 250mm, ISO200 54°52′3″N 3°23′45″W
Wall of outer dock; Univers (?) looking slightly out of place.
1/1500 at f8, 250mm, ISO200 54°52′4″N 3°23′46″W
Boat in outer dock.
1/750 at f8, 250mm, ISO200 54°52′4″N 3°23′46″W
Rusty sideways Scottish flag.
1/1000 at f8, 131mm, ISO200 54°52′7″N 3°23′51″W

After the excitement of the docks, we walked along the beach for a bit.

I think it's a... thing. That's Scotland in the background.
1/1000 at f8, 250mm, ISO200 54°52′5″N 3°23′55″W
Looking inland. Which way do you think the prevailing wind blows?
1/1500 at f8, 163mm, ISO200 54°52′3″N 3°23′57″W
Another... thing. (Actually, I think this one's a light. It is well equipped with seagulls.)
1/750 at f8, 250mm, ISO200 54°51′47″N 3°24′7″W

We passed the convalescent home, an old picture of which was bizarrely available on postcards (costing only 10p and presumably ironic; I sent one, anyhow). It wasn't that exciting in person, particularly because the car park was sort of in the way of taking the same photo. After that our walk basically circled back via the road to the docks.

Corrugated siding (asbestos?) to some sheds.
1/500 at f8, 22mm, ISO200 54°51′59″N 3°23′35″W
Some kind of shed.
1/350 at f8, 10mm, ISO200 54°52′1″N 3°23′25″W
Great fencepost.
1/500 at f8, 22mm, ISO200 54°52′2″N 3°23′23″W

After that we took a wander around the wide streets.

Pink shop.
1/180 at f8, 15mm, ISO200 54°52′6″N 3°23′18″W
Wesleyan Sunday school, full stop. A.D. 1888, full stop. No messing about here. (Yes, I'm still bizarrely interested by punctuation on old signs. Check out the hand-carved lettering, too. It's very neat, although the kerning could use some work. The slope of the S is different each time.)
1/125 at f5.6, 74mm, ISO200 54°52′9″N 3°23′11″W
Up a hill near the amusement arcade, a viewing shelter gave a nice panoramic view of the sea and the hills of Scotland.
1/750 at f8, 13mm, ISO200 54°52′15″N 3°23′29″W

I took a few pictures inside the church, which was a moderately impressive one.

Round end.
1/10 at f5.6, 10mm, ISO200
Underfloor heating, stained-glass colours.
1/15 at f5.6, 18mm, ISO200
Roof to tower.
1/6 at f5.6, 13mm, ISO800

That's it for Silloth. I'll do part two with the rest of the holiday soon... ish. There are much fewer photos from the other days because those unfortunately didn't feature any more docks.

All images © Samuel Marshall. All rights reserved.