Easter 2005


Over Easter 2005 I went to stay with my parents. At that time they also had a couple of German teenagers staying for a visit, so we did a few touristy things.

Milton Keynes

No, this isn't one of the touristy things. Since I haven't got a bike at the moment and the buses suck, I decided to walk to the station on my way down south (which involves walking more or less north, but whatever). It's about four miles. On the way I found a few things to photograph.

Under a nice old canal bridge. Mmm, pretty.
1/50 at f3.5, 8mm
お花見! Well, more like o-hana that you happen to come across on the way. Still, uh, it's pink.


After a half-hour train ride to London (I got a fast one) I decided I hadn't had enough walking, so took a not-very-direct route across the capital to Waterloo.

Um, I think this door was in a building opposite the back of the Savoy Theatre? Not sure.
1/5 at f2.8, 5mm

At one point I was getting ready to photograph a garage door in some building and was rather surprised when a voice squawked out of the nearby entryphone, 'Don't take a picture!' What the fuck? I took the picture and walked off sharpish. It turned out to be a crappy picture, which is a shame because I wanted to post it just to spite the mystery voice. Oh well.

Shadow of the London Eye on the Shell building. (Then the sun went behind a cloud. I waited ages for it to re-emerge and by then the angle was just different enough to lose that shadow. Sigh.)
1/200 at f10, 9mm
London Eye behind the building.
1/320 at f11, 11mm

Staines area

Once I reached my parents', a couple of times over the weekend we went out to wander around the town a little bit.

Nice tree. (And mobile homes.)
1/13 at f4, 11mm
Branches across the footpath beside one of the gravel pits.

The day out

We dragged the reluctant visitors out for a day of sightseeing: to Greenwich on DLR for a quick visit to the Royal Observatory, then back to Tower Pier on boat, then to the Tower of London. (Which is hideously expensive, and don't even think about seeing the Crown Jewels unless you want to wait in a queue for hours, or have picked an unpopular time to visit. Mind you I've seen them before and they're not very exciting anyhow...)

My mum standing either side of 0° 0' 0" at Greenwich.
1/125 at f8, 5mm
One of the towers of Tower Bridge through an archway in the Tower. (Enough towers for anyone?)
1/200 at f11, 11mm
A spiral stairwell in the Tower.
1/4 at f2.8, 5mm
Completing my collection of 'doors in Tower Bridge' pictures that I started last time I was there.
1/15 at f2.8, 5mm

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