Bexley to Petts Wood


My mum and I are walking the London LOOP long-distance path, which unsurprisingly goes in a loop around London, one section at a time. This time the route took us from Bexley to Petts Wood.

By the River Cray

After walking out of Bexley and past the NatWest Extreme Cricket marquee (I kid you not), we climbed a hill where there'd been a landfill, and descended to the River Cray. It was a pleasant park, but the riverside was pretty crowded; there were kids playing, and about ten thousand people walking an average four dogs each.

On a more positive note, we passed some nice trees...
...and a hairy one.


After some time we eventually left the river, heading toward a church, the name/saint of which I can't remember. Ho hum.

Porch roof.
Various pointy roof bits.
1/400 at f8, 5mm
Gravestone with hourglass (left) and skull (right).
1/640 at f2.8, 5mm


The church marked the edge of a town, some of which was twee and some of which was anything but.

Want to guess what this old house was called? It's... uh... 'The Old House'. Ho hum.
1/200 at f10, 8mm
I liked the plastering, but. 'ARMED'. It's ready to blow! (WTF?)
1/400 at f8, 5mm


The route took us through a couple of woods. We got lost at one point where we should've gone the way I said, but didn't. Hah!

Reddish tree. (Er... what a great description. I should get paid to write this crap.)
An awesome moated medieval manor. No way to get across to it, unfortunately; the stone bridge/walkway had mostly collapsed.
1/250 at f3.5, 8mm
Monument to the guy who came up with British Summer Time. (And yes, the sundial is calibrated to it, rather than GMT.)
1/800 at f3.2, 7mm
The mysterious levitating silver birch.

...and a railway bridge

Actually, there were three footbridges over different railway lines; for some reason this part of the country appears to be very well supplied. But I only took pictures of one.

Steps up.
1/125 at f8, 5mm
They don't want anyone throwing things at trains.
1/100 at f8, 5mm

With so many railways around it wasn't surprising that shortly after that we managed to find a station and head for home.

Special bonus picture!

An alley in Milton Keynes. OK, so it wasn't all that special. Sorry. :)
1/400 at f8, 5mm

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