Belper - Winter 2014


My parents and I stayed with my brother’s family in Belper, Derbyshire for a few days after Christmas, which was nice. Partly because we got to see them, of course, but also because there was actually snow up there - a bit of a novelty for us southerners.

Around Belper

My brother took us on a short walk around Belper, before lunch at a café.

The mill-owner insisted that the railway company dig a cutting through town.
1/250 at f8, 23mm, ISO200
Pretty Polly factory gate. Apparently they still actually make tights here.
1/400 at f8, 23mm, ISO200 53°1′43″N 1°29′13″W
Gate, fence, shadows.
1/500 at f8, 23mm, ISO200 53°1′45″N 1°29′17″W
The river and mills.
1/500 at f8, 23mm, ISO200 53°1′46″N 1°29′16″W

When I saw the river, my first reaction wasn’t ‘nice day for a dip’. But my brother, who is a nutter, had brought the gear so that he could swim part of the route. Nobody else took up the opportunity! We agreed to meet up with him a little further on.

Private gate.
1/500 at f8, 23mm, ISO200 53°1′41″N 1°29′26″W
Sun (1).
1/1000 at f8, 23mm, ISO200 53°1′29″N 1°29′32″W
My brother reaching the end of his swim.
1/500 at f4, 23mm, ISO200 53°1′28″N 1°29′31″W
Sun (2).
1/1000 at f8, 23mm, ISO200 53°1′28″N 1°29′32″W
View over snowy fields.
1/1000 at f8, 23mm, ISO200 53°1′13″N 1°29′20″W
Builder’s yard and a snow arrow in the river.
1/500 at f8, 23mm, ISO200 53°1′3″N 1°29′20″W
Nice footbridge by the sewage works.
1/500 at f8, 23mm, ISO200 53°0′59″N 1°29′6″W
View through archway into local hospital.
1/500 at f8, 23mm, ISO200 53°1′10″N 1°29′4″W
Traffic light and nice buildings.
1/500 at f8, 23mm, ISO200 53°1′12″N 1°29′5″W
Patch of light on house.
1/125 at f8, 23mm, ISO200 53°1′29″N 1°28′49″W


On the next day, my brother drove us to a walking trail which used to be part of the Cromford and High Peak Railway. We went for a short amble and Rose (his daughter) got to do a little sledging.

Bridge carrying the former railway.
1/1000 at f8, 23mm, ISO200
Rolls-Royce engine.
1/800 at f8, 23mm, ISO200
Trees and snow on the hillside.
1/1000 at f8, 23mm, ISO200
Aeroplane vapour trail.
1/500 at f8, 23mm, ISO200

Originally, wagons were pulled up steep inclines on the route by ropes, driven by stationary steam engines.

Winding gear under snow.
1/320 at f8, 23mm, ISO200
View up the incline toward a tall bridge.
1/320 at f8, 23mm, ISO200
The bridge.
1/400 at f8, 23mm, ISO200
Trees growing from rocks.
1/500 at f8, 23mm, ISO200
1/500 at f8, 23mm, ISO200
Heading back - a yellow warehouse (basketware importers) and a cemetery.
1/1200 at f8, 23mm, ISO200

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